Steve Maxwell 

Running For Spotsylvania County Sheriff

Steve was born into a family committed to military service. Four generations of Maxwell men served in the US Navy, until Steve broke tradition and joined the Army. It wasn’t an act of independence but rather a decision influenced by his tendency to experience sea sickness. 

Steve’s love for Spotsylvania County traces back to his first visit to the area in the 1980s. Being a history buff, he was immediately drawn to Spotsylvania’s rich historical significance. The county’s size, rural landscapes, and friendly people resonated with his Ohio roots, making him feel at home right away.

Long Career In Law Enforcement

Steve’s path to law enforcement took a unique trajectory. In 1983, he joined the Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff’s office, where he found fulfillment in his role. However, his dream at the time was to join the FBI, which necessitated the requirement of a college degree.

However, for Steve, this obstacle was not a closed door but a challenge. He decided to join the Army, where he honed his law enforcement skills and knowledge. Serving in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) as a narcotic investigator, he prepared himself for a career in law enforcement.

Steve’s unwavering dedication and commitment paid off as he achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, a remarkable accomplishment that showcased his exceptional capabilities and unwavering determination. 

Furthermore, Steve’s passion for his work and desire to serve his community led him to settle in Spotsylvania County, where he had always dreamed of living. Here, he immersed himself in the community, building relationships and gaining a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of the area.

With decades of experience in law enforcement, including his time as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Steve’s expertise and dedication are unparalleled. He has served in several Sheriff’s Offices in Ohio, steadily progressing to more senior roles. Additionally, Steve founded and operated Maxwell Investigations and Security, providing invaluable investigative support to court systems, public defender’s offices, and prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

Now, after more than four decades, Steve is ready to bring his passion, empathy, and wealth of experience to serve Spotsylvania County as its next  Sheriff. His remarkable journey, which began with a dream to become a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, has shaped him into the ideal candidate to lead and protect the community he holds so dear.

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Voting Day Is November, 7, 2023


About Steve Maxwell

Steve was raised by a single mom who taught her children that there is no shame in owning your story. She believed that “poor” is not a definition of who you are and instilled in them the importance of never letting someone else direct your destiny. Additionally, she taught him the values of hard work and ambition. In the 70s, she left her factory job to start her own business.

Today, Steve is living the dream in Spotsylvania, where he and his wife reside with their four dogs. They frequently welcome their blended family of sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Steve’s commitment to making Spotsylvania County, his chosen home, a great place to live, drives him to run for Sheriff.

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Robert F. Michels

I confidently recommend Steven D. Maxwell as the next Sheriff for Spotsylvania County. Steve
exemplifies honesty, fairness, and knowledge. He is reliable and willing to work the long hours needed
for the position, bringing dignity, superior enforcement, leadership and fairness to the office of Sheriff.
I am a retired Sergeant with the Uhrichsville Ohio police department, and currently the Senior Vice
President and Director of Security with The First National Bank of Dennison. I have known Steve for
more than 40 years, having introduced him into his law enforcement career. I write to provide my
official endorsement for Steve. He has the experience and skills necessary; he shows a strong sense of
character and has a sincere passion for the criminal justice field. I have always known him to provide
excellent service in all that he has done and does.
Steve is a combat veteran having served two tours of active duty, Desert Shield and Desert Storm during
the Iraq war. He has an extensive law enforcement career having worked for several policing agencies in
Ohio and North Carolina serving in the Criminal Investigation Division as a narcotic investigator. Steve
now serves as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer having been a Pentagon Police Officer and then was
promoted to the Criminal investigation division. Steve founded and operated Maxwell Investigations
and Security, providing investigative services and support to court systems, public defenders offices and
Fortune 500 companies. During his time as a private investigator, Steve maintained his Ohio Law
Enforcement Commission serving as an auxiliary officer with the Uhrichsville Ohio Police Department.
Steve is a graduate of several Law Enforcement academies including the Ohio State Highway Patrol
academy and Federal Law Enforcement Academy.
I believe that Steve is a great candidate as the sheriff for your county. With Steve’s experience he can
hit the ground running on day one of his term. Steve is approachable, engaged, and genuinely
committed to serving as the sheriff of Spotsylvania County. With proud enthusiasm, I support Steven D.
Maxwell for Sheriff of Spotsylvania County, I urge you to do the same.

Robert F. Michels

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